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The Trinidad and Tobago Association of Georgia, Inc (TnTGA) is a non-profit organization, operating in the State of Georgia. The organization was incorporated in November 2003 and earned the non-profit status in January 2011. Trinidad and Tobago Association of Georgia, Inc. is committed to promoting the diverse culture of Trinidad and Tobago while assisting the youth in achieving their higher educational goals through scholarships. The scholarships are awarded every August at the Annual Independence/Scholarship award event that commemorates the Independence of Trinidad and Tobago. In the past, the organization has awarded scholarships to High School seniors and College-bound students. The presidents since the inception of the organization are as follows: Wayne Alonzo, Founder/First President, Douglas Barzey, Allan Nottingham, Tabitha Forde, (1st female president) Alan Simpson,  Joyce Thompson and currently, Hazel Mitchell.

Our Vision

To transform and inspire dreams and aspirations through
our community and culture.

Our Mission

Trinidad and Tobago Association of Georgia is a community service organization dedicated to the advancement and general wellbeing of the greater community of Georgia and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Objectives

To establish and maintain a positive image of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, its people, and its culture among the Georgia population in particular, and the USA in general. To enhance the level of knowledge, skills, and self-sufficiency of the Trinidad and Tobago community in Georgia. To ensure that the Trinidad and Tobago youth population in Georgia obtain the support necessary for them to excel in their personal development, educational, and recreational pursuits. To provide a healthy forum for social interaction, recreation, exercise, exchange of ideas, and networking for members of the Trinidad and Tobago community in Georgia. To provide support services for members of the Trinidad and Tobago communities in Georgia, the wider USA, and Trinidad and Tobago. To ensure that the views of the Trinidad and Tobago community in Georgia are heard and respected by the political directorate. To acquire the property, equipment, materials, and services required for facilitating the administration, programs and activities of the organization. To expand and maintain at a consistently high level the human resource base of the Association. To establish an accounting, information, and reporting system and process that would provide accurate, timely and relevant financial information to members and our significant publics.

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